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After almost 8 years, now people care to listen when the $$$ is talking.  The #1 Digital Coin/Currency Bitcoin is now at a all time high of almost $11,000 (DEC 2,2017).  Yes people $11k.  (DEC 2,2017) – APROX $11k. with the current price below at $8500, which had a peak of almost $19k.

For those of you who have never heard of Bitcoin, please check out weusecoins.com or coinbase.com.

Now you other folks, who have heard of it and blew it off, let’s think back. How long ago did you first hear about Bitcoin?  Who told you or mentioned it?  What price if any do you remember?


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Litecoin is better due to Speed, Cost and DAY to DAY use!

We are a small group of Crypto/Krypto Consultants, we have been helping our small group and now want to educate, inform and support allcoinster’s interested in the #1 Digital Coin and Alt Coins!

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